Life Wealth

I think about money a lot. Mainly how to get more of it, because being poor is really putting a hold on my life plans. Money can buy a lot of comforts. It can allow you to have dinner parties with your friends in a beautiful house or apartment, or have a family where your kids can take karate classes and go to college, or take trips and travel all over the world, even just enough of it is nice. It’s peace of mind to have enough to know you can afford to go to the doctor if you had to, or be able to pay rent and buy enough food for the month. Money can even grant you status and (sometimes false) feelings of significance or self worth. But real wealth is more complicated than just what’s in your bank account.

Sometimes I wake up really early and go for a run. It’s always really quiet and the world feels still. At the end of my run I get to watch the sun rise. And I definitely feel rich.

Today I was looking through an old photo album searching for a picture of my mom and ended up spending an hour looking through old photos of my parents, brother and I growing up. Pictures of us at pumpkin patches, playing tag at a park, all four of us dressed up as mice for Halloween, my brother and I as little kids wrapped up in our parents arms. And when I sat down for Mother’s Day dinner with my parents and brother I realized my family might be really wealthy.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from one of my best friends that I read and then put in this old hat box I keep in my room which is full of everything special to me. I imagine everyone as having one of these boxes, the one where you keep the important things. Mine has letters. Letters written to me from everyone, my grandparents, dad, friends, teachers, old boyfriends. I save everything anyone ever writes to me. There’s also old photos, ticket stubs, drawings and journals. These things aren’t of value to anyone else but this box is what I would choose to lock up in a safe like expensive jewelry.

I wish that everyone could have enough money to be able to feel truly wealthy. Because it seems like both people with too much money, and those with too little get robbed of being able to feel wealthy in life.


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